According to a survey by WorkConnect, 96 percent of hiring professionals wish they had better access to more qualified candidates. That means even the best of the best companies who are spending millions of dollars on recruitment marketing are struggling to find top talent.  So where does that leave the rest of the pack who are posting jobs and scraping the boards each day trying to find that diamond in the rough?

Let’s take a look at a few of the ways your sourcing strategies may not be working and how you can fix them in order to attract more high-quality candidates.

1. You’re not building awareness

The hard truth is, many qualified candidates likely aren’t aware your company even exists, let alone have an open position.

These days, there are a wide variety of companies all vying for the highest quality talent (just like you). Unfortunately, the larger, more well-known companies are likely to attract those candidates solely based on brand recognition—and will continue to do so unless you do something about it.

The best way to get your brand out there and, by extension, your job opportunities, is to first build awareness around your company by asking yourself the following: who are you, what do you do and why are you hiring.

Once you have your answers, the best way to showcase them is simple: social media. With over 2.5 billion social media users worldwide, there is a mass market just waiting for you to tap into. Without utilizing social media, it’s fair to say that you’re missing out on a huge audience to target during your recruitment.

2. Your job posting isn’t attractive enough

Arguably the most important thing to evaluate when looking for high-quality candidates is how you’re marketing the open position. Since the first interaction a candidate will have with your company is likely your job posting, perfecting each aspect of the description is crucial.

According to research by CareerBuilder, 75 percent of candidates say that the appearance of a job posting affects their choice to apply. Boring or vague job descriptions with little relevant information to the position can be the deciding factor in whether or not they apply. Instead, you might want to consider including details about your company culture, the impact of the position to the company and included benefits to help make your job description more attractive.

3. You’re not making it easy enough to apply

Surely you remember how exhausting the job search process can be. Applicants shouldn’t have to pour their blood, sweat and tears into submitting their applications. In fact, it’s a surefire way to discourage any candidate, including even the most work-oriented ones.

We live in a time of exciting, rapid technological innovation—but, this also makes the expectations higher. In order not to lose qualified candidates during the application process, you must provide the candidate with a pleasant experience. This means no more frustrating, repetitive form fields asking for the same information; no more lengthy questionnaires and definitely no confusing landing pages where applicants have to search far and wide for the next step.

Once you trim the excess fat off your application process, the streamlined experience will bring in more qualified candidates.

4. You’re not targeting passive candidates

One of the best ways to recruit top talent is by targeting passive candidates. Why? The answer is simple: high-quality candidates are most likely already employed. They’re probably not scouring job boards, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will ignore attractive opportunities—especially since passive job seekers make up 70 percent of the global workforce.

Thanks to today’s highly competitive recruiting space, the old process of posting a job and waiting for applicants to roll in simply isn’t enough, especially when looking for high-quality candidates. However, even if finding a new position isn’t top-of-mind at the moment, making these simple improvements to your sourcing strategy can help plant the seed and ultimately attract higher quality talent.

If you’re struggling with any of the above, you can always look to Predictable Source to help you find and engage with high-quality candidates to help drive your hiring strategy. To learn more about how Predictable Source can help with your sourcing needs, schedule a demo today!