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We make it easy for companies to find and hire great talent.

Our Story

As a former lead of an executive search division, I know the various pain points companies face during the hiring cycle. From the tedious and time-consuming practice of sourcing leads, to the daily efforts of trying to track these candidates down and engage with them, I saw the inefficiencies in the process and set about trying to solve them.

We started by building a more efficient process to source and engage candidates utilizing advanced technologies and automated outreach.  We quickly learned we could deliver qualified, interested candidates to companies in a fraction of the time it would take them to uncover similar leads using their own personnel and resources. We then paired our methodology with experienced recruiters who could follow our workflow and then screen, interview, and even hire on behalf our clients.

The result is a full-scale offering for companies looking to attract and hire great talent.  We work with you directly to understand your goals and build a customized solution to help solve your hiring needs.

Chris Taylor

Our Team

We’re dedicated to the success of our team and have developed a culture where leadership means leading by example. If you would like to join a strong, growing company built on the entrepreneurial spirit, where you’ll work with talented and driven individuals as you advance your career, please contact us today!

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