Source High Quality Candidates

With unemployment at a historical low, recruiters are finding it as difficult as ever to find great talent. While sourcing high-quality candidates during a skills shortage may feel like an impossible task, with the right approach, you can actually improve your sourcing results for even the toughest roles. 

Here are a few things you should consider when developing your sourcing strategy.


Fine Tune Your Job Posting Strategy

Posting to a job board is only the tip of the recruitment iceberg when sourcing high-quality candidates. Any employer or recruiter who’s ever set a job up for Easy Apply on LinkedIn knows this all too well. A one-click submit can certainly deliver on quantity, but when it comes to quality, it’s often a different story.

One way to initially position your applicant search for success is to create a strong and straightforward job description. If you want the best of the best, include information that will appeal to the best of the best. This means not only developing an attractive list of requirements but also showcasing what your company has to offer in terms of benefits, culture and process.

When recruiting new talent, the methods and channels you choose to promote through are going to directly impact your chances of success. Do you blanket descriptions across a variety of job search sites, or invest in only a select few of “higher caliber”? Do you run advertising to further boost visibility or engage potential candidates organically through email? These are just a couple of the considerations to keep in mind when determining how to best deliver on candidates that are both qualified and interested.

Make the Apply Process Work for You

Let’s say you are using the one-click LinkedIn submit option. The barrier to entry for potential applicants can make or break your sourcing of high-quality candidates. From the Easy Apply perspective, making it too easy to apply often results in impulse, buy-like behavior on behalf of job-seekers. And, while the resulting pool may yield potential leads for future positions, it doesn’t always help for current open entries.

On the other hand, requiring candidates to submit to questions, sample tests, personality evaluations, etc. can leave you with equally-slim pickings. While there’s certainly no harm in requiring a bit of extra effort on behalf of the high-quality candidates you’re seeking, if you haven’t sold the “why apply” of your job description, don’t expect to source a ton of applicants.

Offer up the perfectly-balanced job description by including:

  • A clear outline of duties and expectations
  • A summary of benefits and work culture
  • The requirements needed to apply—skill sets and documentation

Emphasize Referrals and Proactive Networking

There’s a reason why referrals and networking often yield the best candidates. By leveraging your current talent network and connections, you are more likely to attract high-quality candidates with similar backgrounds and skill sets.

Proactive networking means you’re in control of the situation, making judgments and connections based on who you deem to be qualified from the start. Building a strong referral campaign requires more time and effort on your part, but the results will speak for themselves.

Put the Right Tools to Work

Because time is such a valuable resource, you have to make sure it’s maximized efficiently. To do this, take stock of the current potential gaps in your process for the sake of filling them with tools that will pick up the slack.

After all, consider the fact that a recruiter spends roughly 70 percent of their time trying to source candidates and only 30 percent interviewing and hiring. If those numbers could be reversed through advanced sourcing technologies, the likelihood of bringing on higher quality candidates at a faster rate would be much more attainable.

By leveraging a candidate sourcing solution like Predictable Source, you’re able to stop wasting hours upon hours of time sourcing and engaging candidates. Instead, our technology does that work for you! That way, you’re spending time on what really matters—interviewing and hiring the most qualified candidates possible.  


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